Skydiving in Florence with Skydive Dream Team 

MEETING POINT / Skydive Dream Florence
DEPARTURE AIRPORT / code FLR - Peretola Florence Airport 
JUMP TIME/ 5 minutes
OVERALL TIME / 2-3 hours
ELEVATION /  3000 mt
DROP ZONE / City of Florence
LANDING POINT / Skydive Dream Florence

On the 24th of September I went to Florence to skydive over the city.

I met Max Haim and his Skydive Dream Florence team at Villa Lari in the afternoon. Beautiful weather, clear sky.

After some papers to sign we jumped in the van that took us to the Florence Airport.
At the airport we entered from a dedicated entrance, passed through a fast check-in and scan, and went to the Aeroclub to get ready.

Entered another small building, where got equipped with the specific harness for skydiving. A little Cessna plane was waiting for us.

giulio aprin skydive dream florence

The Cessna flight last about 20-30 minutes depending on different factors.
This time is needed to reach the ideal altitude of about 3000-4000 meters to be able to jump from the airplane.

Despite the fairly long flight, I can assure you that it is absolutely worth it to admire the incredible view that in no other way could you see.
First passing above and very close, to the beautiful Florence, to go further south into the harmonious Tuscan countryside hills.

Once we reached an altitude of 3000 meters, the pilot started shouting to jump as we were in the drop zone.
The drop zone is the right spot where the jump has to happen in order to have a good fall and a good landing in the designated area.

Hooked well to the instructor, we leaned towards the opening of the plane in a sitting position.
At this point, being a tandem jump, the instructor still sitting inside the aircraft, I was instead dangling in the void.
Countdown: 1...2...3... JUMP !

Do I feel the void jumping from the airplane?
Given that all the experiences are completely unique to every individual, the void feeling that we all know, in free fall, is felt only when we fall from a static situation, from a still physical place.
The jump from a moving plane, given the motion of the plane itself at a sustained speed, results not being a real leap into the void but rather a parabolic motion, also considering other factors such as the absence of reference points. I can certainly say that the sensation of heart in throat hardly manifests itself.

Skydiving Florence

The free fall last for few seconds taking you from 3000 mt to 1500 mt altitude at a speed of 180 km/h. At 1500 mt the instructor pulls the parachute to glide gently to the landing area.


Is the opening of the parachute violent?

Despite the adrenaline running crazy in your body, the opening moment of the parachute isn't at all a violent. Safe and smooth.

The gliding descent is the most relaxing thing ever, it will take you gently down to the landing point, swinging like eagles looking for the prey.



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