The Oberholz Alpine Hut is an outstanding wooden architecture lodge located at 2096 mt in the heart of the Dolomites on the Italian Alps.
The hut has a restaurant and is located next to the Oberholz cable station in Obereggen with direct connection to the ski slopes.

The cantilevering structure grows out of the hill like a fallen tree with three main branches creating a symbiosis with the landscape.
Each of them is facing towards the three most important surrounding mountains. At the end of the branches a large glass facade frames the surrounding mountains from the interior of the hut.


The same reference inside, with a light and bright, spruce wood wrapping across the floor, up the walls and the trice-vaulted ceiling of the mainly open-plan space.

oberholz design
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The entire structure consists of wooden trusses in untreated spruce placed in continuity with the aim of giving the curvilinear geometry an even more decisive spatial impact.

The interior spaces are deliberately designed as a unique and fluid environment, in which the different areas are in physical and visual communication with each other.

Their distance is variable in size and distance while the space between one element and the other is filled by panels of fir wood in sight that follow a dynamic herringbone pattern stretching outwards in symbiosis with the nature outside.

Oberholz Alpine hut

Photo credits: Daniele Gatti – Giulio Aprin


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