Four days last minute road trip out of season exploring the wild side of Ibiza in the Balearic Islands of Spain, middle of April.
Rony, my close friend and photographer, was with us this time, arriving a day earlier.

We landed at the airport from Bologna, an hour and 40 mins flight. Easy.
Shuttle from the airport to Ibiza Town, we booked our accommodation in Cala Llonga, 15 mins away from Ibiza, after waiting for 40 mins at the bus stop and few researches we found out there is only one bus a day when out of season, maybe two, but we missed them all for the day.
So after other 30 mins we finally find a taxi, direction Cala Llonga to gather with Rony.
Weather at our arrive pretty good, 23° C dry and sunny.
After a nice tour around the hills we finally arrived to Cala Llonga, a super lovely town, absolutely desert in this period of the year.
None around super quite peaceful with a main road, and our place at the end of this road. Rony is there waiting for us. Good to see him welcoming us in town.

Me my sister, which was travelling with me, and Rony were starving so bad so we went straight away to the amazing Mexican bar just under our accommodation to have a rich lunch.
Alex, one of the guy serving at the bar gave us the best welcome and we wont forge that. Ask about him if you go there.

After our lunch we decided to go have a little exploration by foot, also knows as digestive walk ahaha
We walked a bit and felt like we were in a dead town, just zombies missing, we also struggled to find a supermarket open, but then we found it and did some grocery shopping, but I don't recommend small supermarket because are expensive.

We then thought that the best way to fully enjoy our trip was to rent a car so we went to Class Rent a Car which was also the only shop open in the whole area and got a good deal for our stay.

Our adventure starts here, keys in our hands and ready to go.

We had few hours left till the sunset so we tried drive as much as we could and we managed to see all the north est side.
In Ibiza there are two languages, Spanish and Catalan, and you will find signs, menus etc in both languages; that why the Island is also called Eivissa.

Our first day stops Sant Carles de Peralta and Cala de Sant Vicent where we stopped at an amazing restaurant called The Boat House, decorated with fishermen tools and things from the sea; an amazing place with a beautiful story behind it.

Second Day is excursion day around the south west coast, more precisely to the discovery of Atlantis.
is a hidden site in Ibiza, which became very popular to the tourists thanks to internet but it is still very hard to reach and so not all of them have the chance or the energies to get there.
This extraordinary place has been rediscovered by the hippies in the 50's and 60's which consecrated it as a mystical place.
Atlantis is well known for its natural pools carved into the rocks. History refers us to the XVI century when men removed most of the sandstone to build the fortified walls of Dalt Vila.
When you arrive at the site you get absolutely impressed by its surreal look. You wonder around trying to understand how it's all possible, and trying to figure out if it's rather the human hands or a natural thing.

Back home around dinner time, had something again at the Mexican bar, which have amazing price deals everyday and then, even if completely dead we decided to squeeze a little tour in the old town of Ibiza, Dalt Vila which actually means 'Upper Town'.
The Ibiza old town is a must, definitely beautiful both during daytime and night time.

Third Day's plan: exploring the north of Ibiza, be back at our accommodation in the afternoon and then sunset at Las Salinas.
We woke up with the idea of having a nice breakfast somewhere along the way, to go up north we decided to go through the hinterland.

As soon as we left after about 10 mins from Cala Llonga we pass by this interesting place, so we diced to go back and check, we found our breakfast place! Its name Can Muson, a 65000 sq. meter organic farm, growing fruit and vegetables, and autoctonous Ibizan native breeds of farm animals. A little bit pricey but definitely worth it to visit and stop there.

Our tour takes us then to our next stop Cala Comte, after passing by Sant Antoni de Portmany which I wouldn't recommend visiting it because a big town built with cement very close to the sea and just for tourists.

Cala Comte is considered one of the most beautiful place to stop in Ibiza. Located on the west coast it show you the beauty of the nature. The crystal clear waters and the amazing view reminds me of Sardinia. Definitely a good stop for a swim and maybe have lunch at the bar/restaurant that you find there on the cliff.

After a quick time taking some photos and have a little swim we continue on our path to the top of the Island, destination Sant Miquel de Balansat.
The pretty village of San Miguel is situated 18 km north of Eivissa town.
In the small center you will find a few tapas bars, restaurants and the Catalan Parish church which was built in the XIII century and located at the top of the hill. San Miguel is also full of beautiful boutiques that sell jewellery, bags, scarves, clothes and anything else you could possibly want.

After this long tour around the north where we have seen the whole countryside of Ibiza we went go back at our accommodation to get ready to go visit the Ses Salines Natural Park, a breathtaking place that Alex recommended us to go for the sunset.
Many people told us we would have been able to also see flamingos but unfortunately we haven't seen them.

Our trip ended with this beautiful sunset at Ses Salines leaving us with an amazing memory.
The day after we went to the airport in the morning to go back home.

Photo credits: Rony Cadavid - Giulio Aprin


  1. Andrei
    April 29, 2018 / 9:03 am

    Beautiful! I really like the mood in all the shots you captured ?

    • Giulio
      April 30, 2018 / 2:00 pm

      Hey Andrei! Thank you so much for your feedback, you are actually the first commenting which makes everything very exciting! Can’t wait to share more with all of you

  2. Ethan
    May 1, 2018 / 12:59 am

    Truly breath taking shots, I think it captured the beauty and escents of Ibiza, definitely a place to explore, not just for the views but for the mind and soul as well, your writing portrays your adventure quite well and detailed but also ever so suttle which is great for this page, would love to read about more, your truly inspiring in aspects of life, your beard and hair is truly remarkable , and truly a blessing, I hope for many more adventures to come in your life journey, and continues to inspire the people , who I know would love to read about your aspects of life, stay blessed giulio

    • Giulio
      May 1, 2018 / 9:51 am

      Hey Ethan, thank you very much for the wonderful words and taking the time to give a feedback. I appreciate a lot. Hope I’ll be able to write more and more without disappointing anyone.

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