Al Maha Desert Rersort in the Dubai desert is one of its kind.

This resort is a private, guest-only oasis nestled among the lush palm groves, emerald canopies and iconic sand dunes of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

The property is 225 sq. kilometers of the region's unspoiled desert land that makes up 5% of Dubai's total land area.

The hotel, at only 45 mins driving from Dubai, offers secluded tranquility and iconic vistas of the sweeping plains and Hajar Mountain massif.

In the Conservation Reserve you can take an unforgettable horse ride, camel trek or nature walk to explore the wildlife. Join a signature desert safari or practice the distinguished arts of archery and falconry.


Al Maha Desert Resort | Dubai Desert
Dubai to Al Maha Conservation Reserve: 45 minutes



Al Maha’s luxurious accommodation includes 42 private guest suites in four different categories: Bedouin Suite, Royal Suite, Emirates Suite and Presidential suite.


All 42 suites are equipped with private temperature-controlled swimming pools, wooden decks, handcrafted furnishings, antiques, and artifacts.


The luxurious uniqueness of these suites is the overlooking the alluring desert landscape rich of palms where Gazelle and Arabian Oryx roam freely throughout the reserve.


Privacy and tranquility characterize the positioning of each suite, as if you were left alone in the desert to contemplate its beauty and silence and rediscover yourself.


At night the suits become even more suggestive, with the pools lightened up and the wild animals coming closer to find shelter and food.


The view at night is incredibly beautiful, in absence of light pollution, the desert gift us with the best starry sky ever.



The main Al Maha Resort building hosts the stylish Al Diwaan Fine Dining Restaurant, alfresco on the veranda with breathtaking views of the Reserve, or in the privacy of your Suite. The choice is yours.

Al Diwaan offers international and indigenous delicacies from breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Just a level above Al Diwaan Restaurant, the Hajar Bar boasts a stunning terrace with panoramic views of the desert and the nearby water hole.


The Desert Conservation Reserve

You can experience the natural wonders of Arabia only because wildlife conservation efforts at Al Maha are extensive, scientific and on-going.

Located in the first National Park of United Arab Emirates, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) monitors and controls human impact to minimise its effect on the fragile flora and fauna, and to protect the delicate desert ecosystem.

Al Maha counts on its on-site Field Guides trained to uphold best conservation practice whilst immersing the guests in the colours, scents, sounds and wildlife experiences of the desert.


During the 1940’s – 1960’s the Arabian Oryx was hunted to the brink of extinction and was declared endangered by the 1970’s. Dubai's then Ruler, the late Sheikh Rashid, trans-located the last remaining oryx to the USA, where they were bred under secure conditions.

In 1997, the then Crown Prince, now Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, funded the first reintroduction of this symbolic animal to the desert at Al Maha (Al Maha is the Arabic for “oryx”). Today, approximately 300 oryx, the largest free-roaming herd in Arabia, are a testament to the knowledge and care shown by the team of conservation specialists.


Al Maha is home to numerous species in additional to Oryx, such as Arabian and sand Gazelles, Rueppell's Fox, Arabian Red Fox, Hares, and the Ethiopian Hedgehog.

As you explore the dune landscape it’s quite possible that you will spot the delicate footprints in the sand of nocturnal gerbils and jirds, an amazing array of lizards, 'sand-fish' and geckos, side-winding vipers and the tiny Arabian toad-headed agama.

Overhead, stately birds of prey such as ospreys, falcons, owls and eagles are seen daily, in addition to doves, warblers, colourful parakeets and the crested hoopoe, amongst others, which fill the wide skies with their flight and song.




  1. Don Fenton
    November 7, 2019 / 10:04 pm

    I really love following you on Instagram. Your website is great too. Your travels inspire me to set goals to visit the beautiful places you do. Thank you so much, you make me happy.

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      Thank you a lot for stopping by and leaving your precious feedback. I appreciate a lot your words, I hope to see you travelling around the world and enjoy life.

  2. Sandra
    August 31, 2020 / 5:49 pm

    This is fit sure one of my bucket list. Was great to read and saw the awesome photos of this amazing place

    • Giulio
      August 31, 2020 / 5:51 pm

      Hey Sandra, it’s an amazing place, with a magical atmosphere for sure. Absolutely recommended.

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