I like to define myself a Creative Mind and a Wild Spirit.

Born as a photographer I developed skills such as Branding and Personal Branding Strategist, Instagram Strategist, and content creator.

I capture luxury and travels with an artistic eye. Having launched my career in reportage photography and documentary film-making, I have since evolved my expertise to explore a fresh take on style with a keen sense of adventure.

I am a long time sportsman, former certified ADD/parkour coach. I played several sports as Tennis, Badminton, Athletic, Volleyball, Football, Aikido, Skiing and more.
Currently focused on long distance walks training, mountaineering and climbing.

Wild Man Life isn't just a website, it is also a diary and a magazine, a peaceful place where to learn, discover and admire, and sometimes get lost dreaming about your next adventure.

I write about destinations, hikes and lifestyle, with a focus on adventurous and luxury trips. The website is dedicated to showcase high quality content taking the users through a cinematic experience.

I like to let the images speak themselves.

WILD is a recurrent word within the blog; it expresses my indomitable soul, and the extreme curiosity to discover the world and its mother nature.

Mercedes, Calvin Klein, Napapijri, Canada Goose, Lee, Timberland, House 99 by David Beckham, Panasonic, ASKET, James McCabe Watches, Hawkers, Il Bisonte, Blake Hedley, NATIVE UNION and more


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