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Hey, I am Giulio,

my life started on a bicycle at the age of two. From there I didn't pedal much on two wheels, but I certainly covered many kilometers on foot, by train, by plane, by car. I don't think I've hardly ever stopped. I was passionate about travelling first, then about the world, then about places. The journey of life is a continuous evolving, I would call it a journey within the journey.

At a very young age I discovered photography, for me it soon became a way to capture memories, to capture places and keep them with me.
Along with it the outdoor was a major component of my daily life and it grown with me to this day. I am an expert hiker, I practice climbing, via ferrata, canyoning, caving and any physical activity that includes nature and adventure and adrenaline.

Many the adventures I embarked on and many I will. I do not make lists I do not have a portfolio of my achievements. I believe that each of us has their own goals to achieve, or their own personal challenges to face, their own battles to fight, so our records are our personal victories and only us will be fully aware of them.

Wild Man Life is not a blog, it is not a website, it is a diary, a logbook.
Here I tell you about my adventures and my constant search for remote, unexplored places, personal goals and hidden worlds. Here I share my expeditions and my vision of this world through my eyes and my photos.

With a background in reportage photography and documentary film-making, I have since evolved my expertise to storytelling and content creation.

I am a former certified ADD/parkour coach.

Meet the Team

WML was born six years ago from Giulio's desire to explore remote places on earth with an initial focus on desert areas. Luca joined the team starting from 2022 and contributed to the enrichment of this portal.

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Giulio Aprin


Giulio is an adventure photographer, explorer and storyteller who captures the mystery, complexity diveristy and raw power of the natural world.



Luca Abbate


Luca is a young solo travel photographer who has spent and invested several months exploring the Caucasus and the Sahara.


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